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Hornibrook Pier

Hornibrook Pier is the remaining historical remnant of the Hornibrook Bridge, a highway which connected the Redcliffe Peninsula to Brisbane’s northern suburbs.

Overlooking Hays Inlet and the Moreton Bay Marine Park, the pier is a great fishing and viewing spot. With a sealed surface and clear route from the carpark, Hornibrook Pier is suitable for wheelchairs and other mobility devices.

There is also a unisex Exeloo Toilet located alongside the accessible car parks.

Starting at Hornibrook Pier is a sunny pathway (built for walkers, wheelchairs, pedestrians and bikes), which heads north towards Woody Point Jetty. Stops along the way include Clontarf Beach, Pelican Park and Crockatt Park.

Hornibrook Old Bridge Log Redcliffe Visit Moreton Bay Region
Hornibrook Pier is the remaining historical remnant of the Hornibrook Bridge

Marine life and bird watching

Dolphins, dugongs and whales are known to frequent the waters of Moreton Bay and the marine park. Keep an eye out for these amazing animals, as well as local birdlife. Visibility across the water and surrounding mangroves and trees is good from both a seated and standing position, with plenty of room for wheelchairs and walkers to turn around.

Getting here

Hornibrook Pier is located off Inlet Terrace, the first left when crossing the Houghton Highway/Ted Smout Memorial Bridge from Brighton. Turn into the sealed carpark, and make note of the one-way, directional signage when entering and exiting the parking area. The accessible parking bays are located near the toilets and start of the pier for easy navigation and comfort on your outing.

Hornibrook Highway Fishing Old Bridge Redcliffe Visit Moreton Bay Region
Hornibrook Pier is a great place to fish

Accessible facilities:

  • Automated Exeloo accessible toilet
  • Accessible parking bays
  • Sealed pathway from carpark to pier
  • Flat, continuous surfaces suited for wheelchairs and walkers
  • Accessible pathway starting at Hornibrook Pier, travelling north up the waterfront
  • Water fountain, tap and dog bowl – perfect for companion animals and support dogs

Nearby venues/Food & drink

There is an IGA and ALDI located a few minutes’ drive away at Clontarf. Cafés can be found along Hornibrook Esplanade.

Hornibrook Highway View Hays Inlet Old Bridge Redcliffe Visit Moreton Bay Region
Hornibrook Pier overlooks the stunning Hays Inlet, as haven for bird wildlife and dugongs

Sensory Considerations


  • Concrete pathways and a large pier with rails
  • Grass and plants in surrounding gardens


  • Water views of Hays Inlet and the Moreton Bay Marine Park
  • Boats, jet skis, windsurfing, and other water sports
  • Birds, small native animals, marine life
  • Fishing is a regular pastime at Hornibrook Pier (nets and rods)


  • Sounds of the ocean: moving water, waves, and gentle lapping against the shore
  • Bird calls, including shorebirds and water birds such as seagulls and pelicans
  • Road noise, as the pier is located near a main road and bridge with traffic


Inlet Terrace, Redcliffe

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