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Margate Beach

Golden sand and calm waters make Margate Beach a favourite dipping spot for families with young children. It is considered the ‘quieter’ option if you want to avoid beach crowds during the week.

Margate Beach offers a wheelchair-friendly wooden boardwalk lined with towering Norfolk pines and park benches, so you can still get amazing views without getting your feet sandy.

From the curbside parking, you can easily access the pathway and a number of partly-sheltered viewing decks. There is a toilet block with an open area to get changed and a private shower cubicle towards the northern end of Margate Parade.

Seaside experience at your own pace

Located between Redcliffe and Woody Point, the beach itself is made of narrow stretches of sand. At high tide, it is ideal for cooling off in the warmer months.

There is a BBQ area, shelters, parking and more toilets at the southern end of Margate Beach, towards Scotts Point Bathing Pavilion. Here, you will also find a small boat ramp and a few fitness stations.

Margate Beach has a lovely boardwalk with shady shelters to stop, rest and take in the views of the Moreton Bay Marine Park
Margate Beach has shady shelters along the boardwalk, perfect for a short break


  • Curbside parking along Margate Parade with signed accessible bays
  • Shared boardwalk and concrete pathway (wheelchair and walker-friendly)
  • Swimming beach for all ages (shallow with minimal waves)
  • Beachside shelters and viewing areas
  • Public toilet block and accessible facilities
  • Showers
  • Water fountain
  • Shaded and unshaded picnic tables and BBQs (at the southern end of beach and parklands)

Nearby venues/Food & drink:

The Sebel Hotel Margate Beach is located on the corner of Margate Parade and McCulloch Avenue, and offers a range of meals, share platters and drinks. If you are after some ocean-inspired takeaway and fresh fish and chips, Seafood Lovers Café and Red Dolphin Seafoods are within walking distance.

Kombi Van In Wightson Street Margate Near Redcliffe
Stop in at the local cafes and shops at Margate Beach

Sensory Considerations


  • Concrete pathways and wooden boardwalks
  • Grass, trees and plants in surrounding gardens
  • Sandy beach with shallow, calm water for swimming


  • Water views of Moreton Bay
  • Boats, jet skis, windsurfing, and other water sports
  • Birds, small native animals, marine life


  • Sounds of the ocean: moving water, waves, and gentle lapping against the shore
  • Bird calls, including shorebirds and water birds such as seagulls and pelicans

NOTE: Some of the parks, grassed areas, and beaches along the Redcliffe Peninsula Foreshore are used as venues for local events and festivals throughout the year. This includes the Festival of Sails, Christmas Carols, and Moreton Bay Food and Wine Festival. Please take note of the Moreton Bay Region Calendar of Events when planning your trip, as it may affect carpark availability, pedestrian traffic, and increase noise levels for those sensitive to sound and/or crowds.

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