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Scarborough Foreshore

If it’s a seaside adventure you are after, the Scarborough Foreshore makes for a great day out with accessible pathways, shady parks and lots to see and do.

The Scarborough Foreshore, including Endeavour Park, Jim Finlay Park, Thurecht Park, Jamieson Park and Scarborough Beach Park, forms part of the Moreton Bay Cycleway.

This path continues down along the Redcliffe waterfront, and offers plenty of options for wheelchair and walker users. Sightseeing, opportunities to play and learn in an inclusive environment, dining and more!

Jamieson Park Scarborough wheelchair accessible carousel Moreton Bay Region
Enjoy the wheelchair friendly carousel at the park at Jamieson Park

What to bring

We suggest you pack your sunscreen and hat as you enjoy all the sights and sounds along the Scarborough Foreshore. While most of the parks offer comfortable shelter, parts of the pathway are exposed to the sun and elements. Beat the heat and remember to cool off in the shade and refill your water bottle.

You can also bring a do-it-yourself lunch and snacks, or stop off at one of the cafés or takeaway stores.

Eat and drink: nearby dining options

Sea Salt & Vine (Reef Point Esplanade, Scarborough)

Moreton Bay Boat Club (Bird O’Passage Parade)

Morgan’s Seafood (Bird O’Passage Parade)

Tempest Seafood Restaurant and Teppanyaki Grill (Boat Harbour, Bird O’Passage Parade)

Bay Boats (439 Scarborough Road)

Castaway Koala Café (13 Thurecht Parade, Scarborough)

Gollum Tree Scarborough Beach Redcliffe Accessible Park Foreshore Brisbane Moreton Bay Region
You can discover the 'Gollum Tree' along the accessible pathway at Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Foreshore Accessible Pathway – suggested route and stops

Endeavour Park to Tingira Park (approximately 2.3 kilometres when walking)

Starting at Endeavour Park is a sunny pathway (built for walkers, wheelchairs, mobility devices, pedestrians and bikes), which wraps around to the northern tip of Scarborough. Picnic stops and parks along the way include Jim Finlay Park, Thurecht Park, Jamieson Park and the smaller, Tingira Park.

Scarborough Beach Park

The pathway (Moreton Bay Cycleway) currently finishes at Tingira Park when travelling from the Newport area. Further along Fortune Street and at the corner of Landsborough Avenue it re-commences, taking you to Scarborough Beach Park and back down towards Redcliffe.

Key locations to visit:

  • Endeavour Park, Newport

    Located along the picturesque Endeavour Esplanade at Newport, this park offers long stretches of grassy lawns, picnic shelters, and accessible amenities.

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  • Jamieson Park

    This large grassy park overlooks the water and has plenty of amenities, including an accessible toilet block, playground with carousel, street parking, and covered picnic areas.

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  • Jim Finlay Park

    This leafy park is located along Endeavour Esplanade, north of nearby Endeavour Park.

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  • Scarborough Beach Park

    Travel at your own pace as you explore the safe swimming beach, and discover lush parkland via a series of accessible walkways with wooden viewing decks and ramps.

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  • Thurecht Park

    Thurecht Park is a real hidden gem in Scarborough, and a great destination for boat enthusiasts.

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Accessible facilities:

  • Accessible carousel in Jamieson Park
  • Carparks with accessible parking located along the beachside at Newport and Scarborough
  • Sealed, concrete pathway with directional signage (follow the signs for the Cycleway)
  • Accessible toilets (located at Endeavour Park, Thurecht Park, Jamieson Park, and Scarborough Beach Park)
  • Opportunities for inclusive play, with quieter paths of travel available for those sensitive to crowds and loud noises
  • Taps, dog bowls and dog waste disposal bags available in some locations, so companion and support dogs will feel just as welcome.
Bayside views Scarborough Beach Redcliffe Accessible Park Foreshore Brisbane Moreton Bay Region
Take in the views of Moreton Bay Marine Park along Scarborough Foreshore

Sensory Considerations


  • Sand, rocks, and water
  • Grassed picnic areas with trees and plants
  • Concrete pathway
  • Playgrounds with moving equipment (hard and soft surfaces) at some parks


  • Water views of Moreton Bay and the Moreton Bay Marine Park
  • Boats, jet skis, windsurfing, and other water sports
  • Birds, small native animals, marine life


  • Sounds of the ocean: moving water, waves, and gentle lapping against the shore
  • Bird calls, including shorebirds such as seagulls and pelicans
  • Road noise, as some sections of the path and parks are located nearby to main roads.

NOTE: Some of the parks, grassed areas and beaches around Scarborough are used as venues for local events and festivals throughout the year. Please take note of the Moreton Bay Region Calendar of Events when planning your trip, as it may affect carpark availability, pedestrian traffic, and increase noise levels for those sensitive to sound and/or crowds.

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